Independent Gaming Studio

Explore this case study on Super Evil MegaCorp and see how they used IQTalent’s on-demand recruiting model to find candidates for hard-to-fill roles.


Global: 11 Countries | Fully Remote


Gaming & Entertainment


150 employees

IQTalent Hires

2 employees

Length of Engagement

3 months




Senior 3D Character Artist,
Senior 3D Environmental Artist

The Company

Super Evil MegaCorp was established in 2012 in the kitchen of its founders. By 2019, the studio’s signature game, VainGlory, hit 45 million installs. After just a decade in business, the studio earned Game of the Year honors and announced a partnership for a project with Netflix. The studio focuses on multi-player action games and works to push the boundaries of gaming through collaboration and innovation.

The Challenge

This independent gaming studio primarily used personal networks and limited LinkedIn sourcing to find candidates for difficult-to-fill roles. The Studio Art Director recognized he was spending too much personal time researching candidate portfolios with little to no success. The studio used independent recruiters previously but felt like they had to battle these recruiters to find the right candidates, as the roles’ requirements were specific and hard to find.

The IQTalent Solution

Super Evil MegaCorp realized a recruiting solution was needed, but the hiring team wanted to avoid returning to contingency recruiting. The IQTalent on-demand recruiting model was unique, and the studio’s leadership was intrigued by its flexibility. The studio signed on for a 20-hour per week recruiting engagement with IQTalent. The IQTalent recruiter worked directly with the studio’s recruiting lead, Art Director, and Studio Art Director.

The IQTalent recruiter kicked off the engagement with a full salary consultation for each role. Within the first week, he compiled lists of companies to recruit from, quickly ramping up the engagement with qualified candidates. The in-house team and the IQTalent team set mutually agreed upon timetables and milestones, with full transparency, allowing the Super Evil MegaCorp team access to all the candidate data and the entire recruiting process.

Results matter, and IQTalent’s results were beyond my expectations.

IQTalent was amazing. Our recruiter was very informed, fully aware, and results-oriented. We expedited our process because of our partnership with IQTalent.

Eduardo Gonzalez

Studio Art Director

Cost Analysis

The Super Evil Mega Corp engagement lasted three months, with time-to-fill averaging 30-45 days per role. The IQTalent team filled two roles, with a cost-per-hire of $13,000, over 25% less than a traditional contingency recruiter. Beyond the cost savings, the studio’s leaders appreciated that the IQTalent recruiter was a true member of their team without any competition, focused solely on finding qualified candidates.

Throughout the engagement, IQTalent aimed to find interested and fully qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. The IQTalent team focused on candidate experience. They treated each candidate with respect and grace, allowing Super Evil MegaCorp to trust IQTalent with its employer brand. The engagement concluded in three months when IQTalent quickly filled challenging roles for the Super Evil MegaCorp, which they had previously struggled with on their own.