Creating a More Inclusive Talent Pipeline

Diversify by IQTalent™

Find qualified underrepresented talent to match your DEI goals.

Align diversity and inclusion initiatives with your company’s talent acquisition process.

Diversify by IQTalent™ uses the most advanced AI together with human expertise to search our database for the most qualified diverse passive candidates, ensuring an inclusive talent pipeline.

I’m ready to Diversify my talent pipeline.

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Expand your network to include the best candidates across every background. Ensure your pipeline includes all of the qualified talent available.

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Identify the most qualified underrepresented talent using our technology-driven platform overseen by our experienced researchers and recruiters.


Select candidates from the results of the Diversify by IQTalent™ research and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

How it Works

Diversify by IQTalent™ allows you to easily and effectively extend your reach for all professional roles.

  1. Kick-off call with the IQTalent Team
  2. Share the job description with the IQTalent Team
  3. Let our AI and expert researchers work their magic leveraging our exclusive recruiting technology stack. In 5 days, you’ll receive a curated list of top passive candidates, with candidates from underrepresented backgrounds identified for you.

The Proof is in Our Results


Business Days (40 Hours) with Project Delivery on Days 5 & 10


100% of Candidates in a Diversify project are Diversity Candidates*


Diversity Candidates on Average per Project

*Please note that diversity is inferred unless someone elects to identify as an underrepresented minority.

Our Diversity Database is 174 Million Strong

Diversity Breakdown



Hispanic or Latinx


Black or African American

Why Diversify by IQTalent™?

For too long, recruiting and hiring have relied on referrals and internal networks, excluding large numbers of qualified candidates.

The time has come to open the hiring process, from the professional to the c-suite, to underrepresented talent across all backgrounds. While executive teams in Fortune 500 companies improved in their DEI efforts, adding one new black CEO and growing to 8.8% female CEOs in 2022, it’s time to take real action to uncover qualified candidates outside traditional networks.

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with Diversify by IQTalent™

Diversify by IQTalent™ takes the time-consuming research of identifying diverse candidates off your plate, so you can spend more time building relationships and cultivating truly diverse leaders.

Diverse teams are not only historically proven to be more productive but also to improve your organization’s bottom line.

Increased diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace begin with hiring. Ensuring everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, and worldview have equal opportunities is step one to garner a system anchored in diversity.