Professional Recruiting

On-demand recruiters, immediate results.

We use expertise, adaptable tactics, and the newest innovations in AI and automation to find, scout and source interested, qualified candidates.

In a matter of weeks, I was able to interview and hire our preferred candidate.

The IQTalent team made the search process for our Development Director position easy. They were readily available by email or phone throughout the entire engagement. In a matter of weeks, I was able to interview and hire our preferred candidate. Traditional searches like this one can cost close to $20,000; the IQTalent fee was a mere fraction of that price, yet the quality was head and shoulders above the competition. I will definitely use IQTalent to assist in filling future roles.

Khadija A. Fredericks, Head of School
Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

Our recruiters leverage the collective knowledge base of IQTalent and our world-class sourcing engine.

  • Extend the capacity and augment your recruiting team to meet increased demand.
  • Use us as your in-house recruiting team until you are ready to build your own.
  • Conduct executive searches using the in-house model.
  • Step in immediately while your recruiters are on leave.
  • Fill-in while you are searching for a permanent recruiter hire.

Enhance Your Recruitment Process

By investing in the most advanced recruiting technology and experienced staff of U.S.-based experts, we can strengthen your recruiting process and assist in all aspects of building your own world-class recruiting team.

To help build your recruiting tech stack
To serve as an extension of your internal talent acquisition team
To handle changes in team members and maintain seamless recruiting
To engage candidates and preserve your employment brand
To build an in-house recruiting function
To scale your recruiting team during times of rapid growth

Build Your Team

Leverage IQTalent for an expert outlook on your talent pipeline

An on-demand recruiter provides recruiting services on an as-needed basis.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a business model in which a company outsources the management of talent acquisition in whole or in part to a third-party firm.