Recruiting Connections with Chris Murdock

Connecting The Unconnected: The Power Of Passive Recruiting

Check out this podcast to unveil expert strategies for sourcing and recruiting passive candidates. Including this untapped talent pool significantly boosts your chances of finding the ideal candidate. Don’t miss out on harnessing the full potential of passive candidates!

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Calling All Leaders in Talent Sourcing & Recruitment

Join the ranks of leading experts in the talent industry and become a guest on Recruiting Connections with Chris Murdock. We’re looking for industry professionals with valuable insights, best practices, and expertise to share, illuminating the power of passive sourcing and recruitment.

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Episode 21

Efficiency Unleashed: Game-Changing Insights into Strategic Workforce Planning

Dive right into this enlightening conversation between Chris Murdock and Scott Baker as they dig into the world of strategic workforce planning.

Episode 20

Strengthening Recruitment Strategies in a Post-Sales World

Tune in to this episode of Recruiting Connections, where Chris Murdock delves into the notions of trust and connectivity in the post-sales realm with industry expert and advisor Javed Maqsood.

Episode 19

Harnessing AI in Recruitment

Join us as we delve into the complexities of AI in recruitment with Brian Fink, Talent Acquisition Partner at McAfee and author of Talk Tech To Me: The Non-Technical Guide to Technology Recruiting.

Episode 18

Cultivating Belonging: Nurturing DEI and Inclusive Company Culture

Join us as Chris Murdock delves into the world of diversity and inclusion within the recruitment industry with Kris Clelland, Talent and People Strategist and Founder & Director of Clellands & Co.

Episode 17

Creative Ways to Use ERGs to Improve Business and Employee Retention

Hear Kimberly Stephan Tate, Career, DE&I Employee Resource Group Consultant, and Chris Murdock from IQTalent talk about how giving back, ERGs, and company culture unlock potential.

Episode 16

From Manual to Automatic: Revolutionizing Recruitment with Cutting-Edge Technology

Hear from Leah Daniels, Chief Commercial Officer at JobSync, and IQTalent’s Chris Murdock for an insightful conversation surrounding groundbreaking technology available to recruiters.

Connecting the Unconnected

Chris Murdock,
Founder of IQTalent

Meet our host, Chris Murdock, an experienced and passionate leader within the talent acquisition industry. With over two decades of expertise, ranging from Fortune 500s to founding his own company, IQTalent, which employs over 150 people and supports clients from around the world, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to Recruiting Connections.

With his remarkable insight into the industry, Chris has cultivated a reputation as a persuasive thought leader, providing intriguing sessions across various topics such as passive sourcing strategies, research techniques, job searches for new grads and experienced professionals alike, DE&I, as well as recruiting and sourcing tech trends.

His goal is to help listeners understand the power of passive recruiting, one connection at a time.

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