Do You Have the Right Recruiting Resources to Crush Your Hiring Goals?

Aside from a currently hard-to-navigate hiring market, what’s standing between you and your recruiting goals?

Headcount planning is more than estimating how many open positions you’ll need to fill. According to Josh Bersin, while the unemployment rate continues to drop (3.5% in the US), companies are also worried about the slowdown, so they’re “hiring” and “laying off” simultaneously.

What does this mean? For starters, we are in one of the most confusing hiring markets in recent memory. On the other hand, HR leaders need to consider if their current resources will help them reach their goals or if they’ll need extra support.

From current team size and turnover to succession planning and expecting the unexpected — are you prepared? Leverage our recruiting resource calculator to see if your current team has the capacity to make your hiring goals happen.

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