How a newly formed gaming company was able to find top talent by leveraging their partnership with IQTalent to fill 100 niche roles across three studios within one year.

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West Coast


Entertainment and Video Games


Approximately 120 Employees Across 3 Studios

IQTalent Hires

100+ (97 Roles Filled in 12 Months)

Length of Engagement

2 years


Employment Branding, Recruiting, Research, Sourcing


Principal Character Artists and Engineers, Senior Director of Product Marketing, VP of Program Management

The Company

This recently formed game company serves as the umbrella corporation to three distinct studios, which create platform-agnostic games based on well-known entertainment franchises. In its first two years, the company released four games across its three studios and experienced record success. Its first game, launched in 2018, generated over $150 million in its first 12 months on the market.

The Challenge

Extreme growth in a competitive market with cyclical hiring needs and without a significant company history for potential employees to research. At times, up to 25 open roles across three studios would need to be filled simultaneously within 30-40 days.

The IQTalent Solution

The IQTalent on-demand model was a perfect solution to the recruiting and hiring needs of a new gaming company. Our team served as the company’s virtual talent acquisition department, mapping the talent market, evaluating and understanding the company’s competitors, and creating industry study guides for our sourcing group. We created a strategic plan to find the top talent in the most effective way possible. We worked closely with the company’s internal hiring manager to create employer branding that would sway the most qualified candidates away from their current positions.

The IQTalent flexible billable hours model was the ideal fit for a gaming company with cyclical hiring. Our partnership worked across the company’s three separate studios, scaling up our hours to reach project deadlines and scaling back when talent needs were met. Using two or three team members, we could manage up to 25 job requisitions simultaneously.

The results? The right candidate was typically identified within the first two weeks of sourcing the position, and time to hire averaged 30 days. Using our targeted strategy of Diamond Recruiting, we filled almost 100 roles in 12 months for this company.

Our database has a robust network of game professionals, and we are experts in the gaming industry.

We go the extra mile to do the research necessary to understand each role and the client’s corporate culture. We pride ourselves in being a true partner to our clients, versus just getting the role filled to close a deal.


Executive Recruiter & Engagement Leader

Cost Analysis

The unique roles we filled for this game company had average salaries of $100,000 to $200,000 each. In a traditional, commission-based recruiting model, the fees for each of these fills would range from $20,000 to $60,000.

With the IQTalent on-demand model, searches are billed hourly, so the company only paid for the service they needed when they needed it. The cost per hire averaged $7,300 across 100 roles over one year. IQTalent saved this company 70% in hiring costs, over $1M, versus a conventional contingency recruiting firm.

Savings are exponential when using the IQTalent methodology. Our billable hours model is a fee-for-time structure. In traditional search firms, as salaries increase, fees increase. For our clients, the greater the salary of new employees, the more valuable our model becomes.