Large Consumer Company

A Head of Talent Acquisition for a large global retailer leveraged the IQTalent model to support her in-house team when demand outweighed the bandwidth of the internal recruiters.

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Retail: Apparel


1,500 employees

IQTalent Hires


Length of Engagement

5 years


Full Lifecycle Recruiting, Sourcing


Director of Technology Services, Art Director, Financial Planning

The Company

This consumer brand is an international omnichannel retailer of clothing, apparel, accessories, and footwear, designing for all sizes and fits. The company is committed to providing friendly, helpful service wherever their customers shop: at more than 200 stores, online, or via the catalogue.

The Challenge

With over 200 locations in addition to online retail commerce, this multi-channel employer had hiring needs year-round and across the globe. When the Head of Talent Acquisition started in her role, her team was too small to fully support the extensive hiring needs of a company this size. However, the company did not include in the budget plans to invest in the fixed costs of hiring additional full-time employees for the recruiting team.

The IQTalent Solution

IQTalent created a customized solution for this Head of Talent Acquisition which matched the company’s needs. By leveraging IQTalent, the retailer did not need to invest time or finances in hiring a fixed number of additional full-time employees and instead, could immediately leverage those dollars to use the IQTalent team to support their in-house recruiters. The structured sourcing support provided by IQTalent quickly and efficiently supplied the company’s internal team with a full pipeline of high-quality candidates for the various open roles.

IQTalent is a true partner I've always appreciated.

The team took time to understand our culture and support the business nuances of what we needed and understood exactly what success looked like to our company.

Head of Talent Acquisition

This retailer took complete advantage of IQTalent’s ability to scale on-demand.

The company leveraged IQTalent’s cost savings system by scaling down the number of hours used when their internal team was able to manage demand.

When the number of open roles increased dramatically due to the cyclical nature of retail, the Head of Talent Acquisition scaled up the sourcing and recruiting hours her team utilized until the cycle passed. Eventually, the retailer capitalized on the services provided by IQTalent to build out their in-house recruiting function to a level consistent with their hiring needs.