Small Gaming Studio

When posting jobs on websites and word-of-mouth referrals failed to bring in the candidates they needed, this small gaming studio turned to IQTalent as their dedicated candidate sourcing and recruiting solution.

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San Diego, CA


Mobile Gaming


30 employees

IQTalent Hires

5 employees

Length of Engagement

3 months


Candidate Research, Recruiting, Sourcing


Producer, Artist, Story Editor, Senior Product Manager, Senior Unity Engineer

The Company

This organization is an independent gaming company founded in 2015. The studio focuses on mobile games and prides itself on creating a unique formula for building games that stand apart in a competitive market. With an emphasis on bringing together the right people to strategically grow their team, they have managed to maintain a small studio collaborative culture while having large studio success.

The Challenge

This small gaming studio primarily used word-of-mouth and referrals to build its team. As the business started to scale, they discovered referrals alone were not enough, and furthermore, recruiting in this way was labor intensive. They began posting openings on LinkedIn Jobs and enlisting contract recruiters to assist with key roles. When they failed to find the candidates they wanted, this studio recognized the need for a dedicated team to support their candidate sourcing and recruiting efforts.

The IQTalent Solution

This gaming organization was drawn to IQTalent’s flexible model. With an in-house recruiting team of two full-time employees, the studio was considering adding a third full-time employee to their staff as they ramped up hiring. After reviewing the IQTalent on-demand solution and evaluating the suite of services, they decided that augmenting their team through IQTalent was a more efficient answer to their recruiting challenges.

The gaming studio’s engagement kicked off with 40 hours per week, and the IQTalent team fast-tracked candidates for an open Artist role. This first role was filled in less than a month. The IQTalent team managed weekly meetings, maintained accurate reporting, and sent the hiring manager viable candidates for hard-to-fill roles daily.

The results? The IQTalent team filled five roles, with a cost-per-hire of $7,056, over 50% less than a traditional contingency recruiter.

We always knew what to expect and exactly what has happening with our search.

As soon as our IQTalent account manager began working on our engagement, we saw an immediate increase in viable candidates for tough-to-fill roles in the competitive gaming industry. She was extremely organized, sending us weekly reporting with accurate data.

Small Gaming Studio

Game Lead

Cost Analysis

The engagement with the gaming studio lasted three months, with time-to-fill averaging 30-45 days per role. The IQTalent team filled five roles, with a cost-per-hire of $7,056, over 50% less than a traditional contingency recruiter.

Throughout the engagement, IQTalent strived to learn more about the studio’s culture and candidate needs, serving as a true extension of the in-house team. The pace of candidate sourcing and time-to-fill increased dramatically every month. Based on cost and time metrics, partnering with IQTalent proved to be a far better solution than hiring another full-time employee.