Commercial Construction

After teaming up with IQTalent, a family-owned general contractor changed its recruiting model to significantly reduce time and cost to hire.

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Seattle, WA, with offices in Arizona, California, and Texas


Commercial Construction/General Contractor


65 employees

IQTalent Hires

17 employees

Length of Engagement

2 years


Candidate Research, Recruiting, Sourcing


Project Engineer, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Supervisor

The Company

Established in the 1990s, this family-owned general contracting and commercial construction firm has built its business based on the principles of quality, integrity, and relationships. The company focuses on concept-to-completion projects, including apartment buildings, multi-use commercial buildings, commercial projects, modular construction, and renovation. With over 200 completed projects and over 6,000 multi-family units built in the last decade alone, this firm has shown exceptional and consistent growth and customer satisfaction since its founding.

The Challenge

Finding Interested and Qualified Candidates: Without an internal recruiting team, this privately held business relied on its office manager and a mix of contracted recruiters to manage the hiring process. They used retained fee-based recruiters in addition to contingent, commissioned recruiters with similar inadequate results: recycled bad candidates. Moreover, this company’s management expressed concern about conflict of interest within the commission-based recruiting model. They questioned if the contracted recruiter was selecting the best candidate or the most expensive candidate, which would lead to a larger commission. After several bad hires and trying to make it work, they finally embarked on a journey to find a better way.

Our engagement began alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing us to navigate an industry with significant labor shortages while encountering nearly unprecedented growth.

The IQTalent Solution

Because IQTalent does not require a long-term contract, this organization was drawn to their low-risk, on-demand recruiting model. Knowing they could end the engagement at any time gave them the confidence and flexibility they needed to change their hiring and recruiting process. The IQTalent team immediately began research to become industry experts, understand market segmentation, and recognize regional hiring differences and trends. They built credibility with this firm by asking extensive questions in order to calibrate a candidate profile that exactly matched the role they were filling.

This firm’s engagement began with 40 hours per week, but after a quick and successful kickoff, the company took advantage of the IQTalent on-demand model and scaled back the commitment by 50% within two months. The organization’s management was overwhelmed with the large quantity of excellent candidates sourced by their IQTalent recruiters. After they caught up on their backlog and made two hires, they scaled their IQTalent hours back up to the original number to meet their ongoing hiring demand.

The results? In two years, the company has achieved exceptional growth using IQTalent’s on-demand recruiting services, hiring a total of 17 new employees with an average salary of over $100,000 annually.

Our IQTalent recruiting team was very responsive without being overbearing, and they continue to ask us questions to help refine the search parameters.

We couldn’t ask for a more helpful, knowledgeable, and caring group to work with us and develop a pool of talent to help our growing construction company continue to expand.

Commercial Construction Firm

Office Manager

Cost Analysis

IQTalent exceeded all of this organization’s expectations. Time to hire, cost per hire, and quality of hire were all improved. They were even able to make their first IQTalent hire in five weeks, employing an excellent candidate who was promoted within the company in his first 30 days. In five months, they made 3 hires, with an average cost per hire of $10,000. IQTalent decreased this organization’s previous hiring and recruiting costs by more than 50% while significantly increasing the quality of their new employees.

This company continues to utilize the IQTalent on-demand model by turning on our sourcing and recruiting services when hiring surges and scaling back when their needs decrease.

In two years, the company has achieved exceptional growth using IQTalent’s on-demand recruiting services, hiring a total of 17 new employees with an average salary of over $100,000 annually.

Long-term average cost per hire: $9,020
Total 2-year billing: $153,350

Using the on-demand model to control hours and costs, this firm has been able to manage its recruiting function for far less than the cost of a full-time employee.