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Our on-demand team can help you find and secure the talent you need for the open roles in your organization:

Whether IQTalent placements are creating new diagnostics to detect cancer, building platforms to house human genome data, or helping companies get the most out of their health insurance, they’re pushing forward advancements and innovation in healthcare tech. Our partners can do their groundbreaking work thanks to the highly skilled and experienced talent within their teams. That’s why it is so crucial to source and hire the best talent any time a role opens within your organization.

IQTalent has the resources and tools to help companies find and hire top talent when it comes to filling roles within the healthcare technology industry.

Positions We Helped Fill

  • Head of Platform
  • Data Engineer
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Front End Engineer
  • Production Controller
  • Product Analyst
  • Director of Product Marketing
  • Bioinformatics Engineer
  • Software Engineer – All Levels & Types

Pushing Innovation By Securing Top Talent

Innovation and growth go hand-in-hand with a strong, skilled workforce. We can help support your in-house team by finding you a shortlist of quality candidates in a fraction of the time.